Road transport

What it is?

Terrestrial transportation is performed with trucks that allow loading any type of load, from documents to an
industrial plant. this type of service is ideal when the origin and destiny have colindant frontiers.
It’s done through highways which allows greater flexibility and it’s one of the most popular one’s.


If it’s well programed the shipments can be done every day of the week.

It’s usually the most economic type of transportation.

If you have urgency, the time of delivery can be reduced by using an express service or a double

We are able to trace the shipment through GPS, which give us certainty of the delivery date.

Flexibility in the type of goods that can be transported.

Local import / export transport

FCL, LCL and multimodal

Dry or refrigerated boxes

Extendable trailers

B-double trailers

Heavy transport

a) Items description

b) Measurement of the items considering packaging (length, height, wide)

c) Weight of the package

d) Origin and destination (with complete addresses)

a) Type of item.
b) Packaging
c) Urgency
d) Especificaciones necesarias para la manipulación de la carga
e) Availability of the transportation method
f) Tariffs

With Helsan you will be able to get a quote through our website.
Or if your prefer through email, WhatsApp or phone.

We must validate the following information:
1. Mileage of the route
2. Weight and volume of the packaged item
3. Origin and destination (with complete addresses)
4. Schedule for the loading and unloading the shipment
5. Ideal method of transportation
6. Tariffs and invoices

Each product has its own code and tariff. Regarding to the documents, they should be
determined (according to the type of commodity), in the days previous to the import and shipment. The most common documents are: Invoice, certificate of origin, and all the letters that are presented during the customs clearance of your goods.

It is usually safe as long as you know some of the history of your supplier. One important tip is to request for a sample, before buying anything in that way you will be able to verify if the materials and quality of the products is the one that you agreed upon.

The risk is minimal. Nevertheless is recommended to buy a special insurance policy, Helsan is able to help with that process.

Customs procedures are long process; that is why Helsan has partnerships with different agents in a wide variety of cities in the world, they are in charge of handling the process to make as efficient as possible.

Definitely no. Depending on the season some ports get saturated, it's also important to mention that some origins had to arrive 1 ship at the time, making the process even longer.

Weapons, money, gold and animals.

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